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Recruitment Program TCF Growth Formula

TCF is happy to announce a 3-month paid ''Growth Formula'' recruitment program for both experienced professionals and fresh graduates with a full-time schedule.


Our Openings

Senior JS Engineer in Yerevan

Deadline 02/02/2021

Senior JS Engineer in Yerevan

We are looking for an experienced Senior JavaScript Engineer to join our engineering department, alongside the creators of a series of cool platforms including,, and

This is a unique opportunity to create a new product from scratch in VueJS and Node.js using the latest technologies. The project that you will build is a first-of-its-kind product validation platform that solves one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs and inventors face in the early product development stages — product-market fit.

We have been successfully testing the methodology behind this platform for the past 2 years, and now we’re looking for a main developer for a project. 

Apply now, and join our team right from the beginning of this delightful ride!

Our requirements
  • 5+ years of experience as a JS engineer;
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Node.js, front-end frameworks: Vue.js or React.js and their ecosystem;
  • Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases;
  • Familiarity with writing GraphQL APIs;
  • Experience in building scalable web applications;
  • Experience in building unit tests and testable codebase;
  • Understanding of SOLID principles, OOP/OOD, functional programming, design patterns;
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Love of writing clean and maintainable code;
  • Experience in development with one of the Serverless Frameworks (Knative, Google Cloud Functions, or AWS Lambda is a plus).

Your responsibilities

  • Collaborate with SW architects on proposed architecture.;
  • Write high-quality code that is scalable, reliable, and reusable;
  • Write unit/integration tests to ensure the high quality and sustainability of the application and influence test-driven development;
  • Develop API’s for large-scale applications according to business needs and priorities;
  • Define and communicate technical and design requirements;
  • Provide training, mentorship, and support to other team members.


IT Project Manager in Yerevan

We’re looking for a motivated IT Project Manager who will manage the multi-team development and operational delivery of a large portfolio of technical projects by understanding business requirements, managing changes, and effectively communicating with multiple stakeholders. You’ll be working on exciting B2B and B2C platforms in a growing engineering team led by industry veterans.


  • Drive product features through their entire creative cycle: ideation, specification, development, release, analysis, and iteration;
  • Works closely with technical internal teams, including engineering and development, to write user stories and requirements
  • Leverage technical skills to close the communication gap between engineering and other departments, ensuring daily progress in the Agile environment
  • Work with project management software
  • Perform quantitative analysis on features' performance and find opportunities for optimization
  • Be responsible for hitting the key performance indicators you are entrusted with
  • Evaluate competitors and the market for capability-oriented and emerging development and technology trends


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering or MBA, or equivalent in experience
  • 2-3 years in IT Project management or related role creating valuable new products or features that align with a product/company vision
  • Experience with build aspects of software development
  • Experience with testing and automation technologies and processes
  • Strong analytical skills to make data-driven decisions with the ability to query data from various systems to solve problems and experience in one or more data analysis tools (Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Experience using Agile/Scrum/Sprint methodology including sprint planning and execution, as well as a strong understanding of software development management methods
  • Excellent written and verbal communications across technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Strong project management skills are a must, including demonstrated ability to keep tasks on time and on budget


Back-end Engineer in Yerevan

We are looking for an experienced Back-end Engineer to join our growing team of engineers! As a Back-end Engineer, you will be responsible for the server-side web application logic: microservices, database integration / communication.

The new super secret project that you’ll work on is a first-of-its-kind web platform for product-market fit validation․ We’re just starting to lay the architecture of this big project, so if you act fast, you can join the team right from the beginning of this delightful ride!

Please apply if you have the following background: 
  • You have 4+ years of experience as a back-end engineer; 
  • You have great interpersonal and communication skills;
  • You have expert knowledge of JavaScript;
  • You have a comprehensive knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it;
  • You have experience with NoSQL and SQL database administration;
  • You are familiar with writing GraphQL APIs;
  • You have experience in building scalable web applications;
  • You understand SOLID principles, OOP/OOD, design patterns;
  • You love writing clean and maintainable code;
  • You have experience with one of the Serverless Frameworks (Knative, Google Cloud Functions or AWS Lambdais a plus);
  • You are a team player and embrace the opportunity to share your knowledge
  • You have an awareness of your weak spots and a genuine desire to improve
  • You’re looking for a long-term role with an ambitious and fast growing company 
What you will be doing:
  • Participate in the full software development lifecycle, including development, code reviews, testing, and production deployment;
  • Write high-quality code that is scalable, reliable and reusable;
  • Write unit/integration tests to ensure the high quality and sustainability of the application;
  • Develop API’s for large-scale applications according to business needs and priorities;
  • Define and communicate technical and design requirements;
  • Provide training, help and support to other team members.

Social Media Marketing Specialist in Yerevan

We’re looking for talented and super creative social media marketing experts.
With you, we will boost the crowdfunding campaigns of the world's most innovative products on social media and develop our cool projects' social media pages.

What will you do at TCF?
  • Create social media strategies for crowdfunding and other projects
  • Work on community building and community management
  • Create content that sells, engages and inspires
  • Use growth hacking to promote campaigns on different social media


Who will win our hearts? The one who has:
  • Proven skill of creating social media strategies
  • Strong community management skills
  • Knowledge of content marketing
  • Ability to create effective content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Ability to use social media’s full potential
  • Excellent English speaking, writing and editing skills
  • Growth hacking mindset
  • Knowledge of marketing and strong research skills
  • Analytic mindset, understanding data, and an attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Basic knowledge of photo and video editing tools (bonus!)
  • Knowledge of TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing is a plus
  • Basic targeting skills are a plus
  • Mobile messenger marketing skills are a plus
  • Influencer marketing skills are a plus


How will we win your heart?
  • You’ll be joining the top crowdfunding agency and ecosystem-builder in the world
  • You’ll grow alongside a great team of champion minded cool people
  • You will have limitless opportunity for self-realization
  • You’ll enjoy TCF’s unique culture that doesn't just respect creativity but cherishes it
  • You’ll be inspired to permanently learn and grow
  • You’ll receive a competitive salary
  • And you’ll work in one of Yerevan’s coolest offices (it’s still there waiting for us until after quarantine!)




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