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Our Services

Full Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Full Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Our Growth oriented team creates a compelling campaign tailored specifically for your project

Market research and analysis

Through understanding of the market is the key for brand building and delivering right messages to the target audiences

Landing page creation and subscribers collection

We are creating a dedicated landing page with extremely high subscription rates for further efficient execution of email marketing

Media and Influencers research

Complete research on relevant media and influencers base is the perfect foundation for our campaigns’ PR activities

Email marketing

Our meticulously crafted email sequences keep our campaigns’ subscribers engaged and drive conversions

Content marketing

We create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract targeted audiences and ultimately drive profitable customer actions

Video Supervision

We work with the best video production agencies and supervise the video creation process every step away to have the perfect video message

Crowdfunding Campaign Page Copywriting and Design

We provide high conversion rate for the crowdfunding campaign page creating design and messaging appealing to audience

Social Media Marketing

Building wide social presence is an ultimate way to grow and engage audiences

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing strategy we create additional buzz around your project. Through commission working system we motivate our affiliates to drive traffic to the campaign webpage.

PR and outreach

Our large media contact and team-generated PR strategies help to spread the word about your project through well known and newly created media outlets

Chatbot-Powered Marketing

Our chatbots help to automate all the manual customer support, keep your audience engaged and ultimately gain customers’ loyalty through the speed processing of all their requests

Customer Support

Our team is committed to build trust communicating with your backers, maximising their support and ensuring they feel themselves a part of your campaign

Advertising Campaigns

Get the highest ROI on your ads with our advanced strategies and experienced team who never stops looking for Improvement

The Scope of advertising services includes:
Banners and video designs

Visuals matter. Our team of creative designers and videomakers creates the most attractive visual materials for your campaign’s ads to raise awareness, generate more leads and ultimately convert them into actual customers


Get targeted, strategic and accountable copy for your ads that appeal to your audience with our content and copywriting pros

Real-time analytics and data-driven approach

We use advanced analytics to produce and test hundreds of factors such as headlines, texts, banners, audiences and find out the best performing combinations, scale and get the best results

Creation & testing of high performing audiences

We run ads based on the best creative picks with the highest potential and test their performance to maximize ROI with minimal investments

Consultation on campaign page and strategies

With years of experience in the crowdfunding industry, our top-notch specialists know what exactly your campaign or strategy might be missing to be the absolute best during your pre-launch and funding stages.

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