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Some clients pay us over $1,000,000 to run their multi-million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns. For the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtains and showing you how we do it.

  • How to develop a product everybody wants
  • How to get 100,000 visitors to your page
  • How to increase sales by over 37%
  • What services to use... and which ones you shouldn’t waste time on
  • And much more....
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The Step-by-Step Guide that Crowdfunding Experts Use to

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No fluff. No extras. No maybes. Just the 57 key ingredients that sold over 1 million products through crowdfunding. All in just 130 pages.


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As the Founder of TCF, the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Marketing Agency, I have:

… worked with 1,000+ campaigns

… raised raised millions of dollars per campaign

… spent a total of $15,453,560 on advertising

… ran over 724,711 tests

And after pouring through billions of data points and analyzing what works for different campaigns… The conclusions I found blew my mind!

Contrary to what you might think, your crowdfunding success is only partly related to:

  • Your product
  • Your budget
  • Your country
  • Your team
  • Your niche
  • Your leads

Instead, I discovered patterns that had a FAR greater impact:

  • The steps to a foolproof lead generation strategy that gets campaigns fully funded in the first few hours
  • Exactly how to lay out a high-conversion crowdfunding campaign page
  • What backer communities to rely on and how much to invest
  • The winning advertising retargeting funnel that correctly uses Facebook’s algorithms to laser target only the people who are ready to buy — and LOTS of them!
  • And how to turn that one-off campaign into a lasting brand loved by a large community
I’ve gathered EVERYTHING I’ve learned…
All the best-kept industry secrets that marketers and serial creators use to sell more
Without spending more…

Inside my brand NEW up-to-date ebook… This is just a taste of what you’ll learn:

Inside Crowdfunding Secrets I will break down the insider secrets that will help turn your next

crowdfunding campaign into a memorable success…

But first, has this happened to you?

You and a friend have an awesome idea for a product. But you don’t have the money to go to


So you look into funding… You check your savings… You ask around…

And then you find out about crowdfunding!

So you check it out, not expecting much…

And while a lot of it really doesn’t make sense… one thing is a given:

People are making tons of money and bringing their ideas to life!


You’re hooked! THIS is the answer.

But then you get into it…

And you’re hit in the face with a never-ending stream of questions…

What’s a backer? What’s a reward? How is this different from ecommerce? How do people decide

their funding goal? Are backers from within the platform? How do other people discover projects? Why would people trust me?

And answering those questions only brings up MORE!

How do I retarget the right audience on Facebook? Should I use Display Ads? What’s the best way

to pitch a journalist? Is it better to pay one big influencer or 100 micro influencers?

And perhaps most importantly:

“Is this advice from 2020 still applicable after Apple and Facebook’s changes?”

This was me. 8 years ago...

The Typical First Launch Experience

I launched my first campaign after work, at 20:13 on Friday, January 17th 2014. And spent the next 5 hours dreaming of what I would do with the million dollars I was sure to raise.

“Obviously 1,000s of people are going to
visit my page
and back my amazing idea!”

I refreshed the page every minute until I fell asleep in my chair…
… but when I woke up the next day, I was still met with that big fat ugly $0.
I reached out to friends and family. I posted it on Facebook. On Twitter.
But by the end of the campaign, I’d raised a grand total of $15.
One donation. From a friend.

I was relying on luck.

I thought it would be easy to become the next million-dollar campaigner, that all I had to do was to launch.

But obviously that didn’t happen!

And if you thought that might work for you too, the chances that you’ll fail are pretty big as well!

Why Do 60% of Launches Fail?

Regardless of the niche, most Kickstarter campaigns end in failure.
Let’s just take a quick look at the keyboard niche, as tons of keyboard campaigns launch every year.
When planning the campaign, everyone looks to Keychron or Keyboardio as a sign of their own future success:


What they don’t realize, is that most keyboard campaigns end up like these ones:


Their new campaign was guaranteed to succeed, right?
You know what their campaign raised last year?

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

$20,000? Not bad! I’d be happy raising that much…

And sure, that’s a sizable sum that most crowdfunding creators would be happy with!

But I can guarantee you that their marketing costs alone surpassed that…

Add to that their design, prototyping, development, manufacturing, delivery and other costs, and you can see that they went into debt for a product that nobody wanted…

And this isn’t just them — out of over 550,000 products that have launched on Kickstarter…

Over 507,000 of them failed to raise over $20,000!

The truth is far worse though, because

60% of ALL Crowdfunding Campaigns FAIL to Reach their Goal!

That’s 332,215 people that spent months getting ready for a crowdfunding campaign… and didn’t receive a single cent!

Just like that first campaign that I failed.

But if anything good came out of my experience, it was this:

I failed so you wouldn’t have to.

I interviewed some of the biggest names in crowdfunding for their advice, and turned it into an easy-to-read collection of the strongest practical tips.

I launched the book on Amazon to immediate success!

It became a Top Seller and sold 1,000s of copies in its first year. And to my great surprise — readers started reaching out to me, personally!

A few months after publishing the book, the advice in the first edition of this book was already helping people raise $100,000s.

How I’ve Helped 100s of Campaigners Raise Over $1M

After the book’s initial success — and by popular demand — I opened a crowdfunding marketing agency.

And over the past 7 years, I’ve managed hundreds of campaigns for creators like you and scaled them to raise millions of dollars… each!


My crowdfunding marketing agency has since become the top agency in the world by both the average raise per campaign AND the size of its crowdfunding team and ecosystem.

On average, a TCF campaign raises over $1.2 million dollars, a feat shared by only 0.01% of crowdfunding campaigns…

… thanks to my team of 113 dedicated crowdfunding marketing experts!


So, why am I telling you this? Am I just showing off?

Sure! That might be a part of it…

But it’s also because the book that you’re about to buy is now so much more — thanks to them!

When I wrote the first edition in 2015… I was by myself… I was still learning from others’ mistakes…

Now — 7 years later — this revised edition contains the knowledge and expertise of 113 dedicated crowdfunding marketing professionals.

It contains the direct learnings our team has picked up over the course of spending $32,649,295 on advertising.

From copywriting to design, Facebook advertising to influencer marketing on TikTok, automation engineering to social media, video production to conversion optimization and direct sales.

It’s THIS knowledge that makes up the 2nd edition of Crowdfunding Secrets that you are now thinking of getting for yourself.

And it’s THIS knowledge that makes up the 2nd edition of 57 Secrets of Crowdfunding that you are now thinking of getting for yourself.

What Are Others Saying About Crowdfunding Secrets?

“The success of UVMask would not have been possible without Narek’s help!” — Boz Zou, raised $4.2 million
“I wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign. I told all of my friends, and at the end of it, I’d raised just $1,000. Then I spoke to a creator of another similar campaign that raised $1 million, and asked how he did it. He pointed me towards Narek. When I launched again, I ended up raising $465,000 in 30 days!” - Sandy Stinson, raised $522,018
“We really liked the level of expertise Narek demonstrates in the crowdfunding space!” — Taras Polishchuk, $450,000
“We launch a product nearly every year, and Narek’s advice helped us raise over $2 million. If you are considering launching anything on crowdfunding, this is the book you need to read!” — Arun Raj, raised $2 million

Chapter 1: Preparation

  • Product-Market Fit — have you ever wondered how companies know what products to spend $100,000s developing? What if nobody wants it? After reading this, you’ll have a foolproof system to know whether people will buy your product… without even spending ANY money on its development!
  • Research — how do you research your competition? If a similar product was successful last year, will yours be this year? Research is crucial to a successful campaign, and here you’ll learn what to look out for and what tools to use
  • Choosing a Platform — is your product better suited to Kickstarter or to Indiegogo? Yes. There’s a difference. And here you’ll learn what that is

Chapter 2: Lead Generation

  • Aim for the Right Number of Leads — how many leads do you need? How can you get them? There’s a hard way to build a landing page and run ads to collect leads… and then there’s my easy way
  • Advertise on ALL platforms — did you know you can show people an ad on Facebook, and then show that same person another ad on Twitter? There are some amazing ways to create a feedback loop between the advertising mechanisms of different platforms
  • Beyond Email Marketing — most people gather leads’ emails. But at best, your launch email will get a 40% open rate… and nowadays that isn’t enough. Want to discover how to reach the other 60%?

Chapter 3: Campaign Page

  • Campaign Page Structure — not every crowdfunding campaign page is made equal. Some require more than others. But there are certain sections that every million dollar campaign page has, make sure you include them!
  • Compared to the Competition — have you heard that you shouldn’t mention your competition, or else your buyers will end up searching for them instead? So, how do you show that you’re better then?
  • Increase Credibility— nobody’s heard of you? Don’t worry! There’s an easy way to get backers and visitors to your page to trust you!

Campaign Page [BONUS Tips]

  • What Your Video Needs— crowdfunding videos aren’t like regular ads. But there’s a formula to a winning one… and even if you’ve never picked up a camera, you’ll soon find out how to properly showcase your product
  • BONUS: The contact details of the video agencies WE work with for the best results
  • How to Chat with Your Customers — eCommerce thrives with chatbots, support, and the little chat windows… but neither Kickstarter nor Indiegogo allow those. No worries! There’s a simple way to chat with your customers and convince them to back

Chapter 4: Facebook Ads
[Mega 2022 Update!!]

  • Steal from the Best— don’t try to create your ads from scratch!
  • Create Native Ads— do your ads look like ads? Then you’re doing it wrong. Each platform has a style of content that has grown organically from its users. Learn what user-generated content (UGC) is best for each platform
  • Don’t let Facebook Limit Your Ads — did you know that if you’re not careful, Facebook will put your ads into a “Learning Limited Phase”? This means Facebook doesn’t understand where to place your ad, and severely reduces its reach… get out of there fast with this simple hack!

Chapter 5: PR

  • Finding Journalists — we bring our campaigns 100,000s of relevant visitors via targeted PR campaigns to select journalists. It’s really important to know your beat, and only reach out to journalists who will cover you favorably
  • Get Journalists to Trust You — let’s face it… you’re probably not that well known, right? Neither were we. But our campaigns get featured in Forbes, Tech Crunch, BBC, El Pais, and top media all over the world
  • Skip the SPAM box — when outreaching 1,000s of people after only sending a few emails a day to your friends, family, and coworkers… Google’s definitely going to assume you’re the latest Nigerian prince! Discover the quick hacks we use to make sure your emails land in the Priority Inbox
  • Backer Communities — there are 100s of different backer communities and so-called crowdfunding experts who are “willing to promote your campaign… for a fee of course!” I’ve included a list of the ones you can trust to get you results

… and lots, lots more, including:

Chapter 6: Influencer Marketing

Chapter 7: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 8: Direct Sales

Chapter 9: Bonus Campaign Hacks

… that cover EVERYTHING you need to know to launch your successful campaign.

More Successful Creators on Crowdfunding Secrets

"This guide is a Must Read for anybody considering crowdfunding" — Sam Granger, raised $164,000
"This guide is the perfect solution to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Definitely a must read!" — Cindy Ho, Raised $82,000
"You definitely need to come into crowdfunding prepared. I highly suggest you to read Crowdfunding Secrets, tons of great advice in there." — Jerry Mcarthur, Raised $50,000

Crowdfunding Secrets has already helped thousands of people
run successful crowdfunding campaigns…

Are you excited to join them?

Claim Your Copy of Crowdfunding Secrets now and get these FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1 — How to Test Your Product

“KNOW that your idea will be a success BEFORE you launch!”
Total Value: $97.00

I run a very busy marketing agency, and we can’t afford to invest hundreds of hours and big teams of marketers without being 100% sure that the campaign will be successful… In this webinar, I teach you the product-market fit strategy we use to validate every single campaign that comes our way. This way we know exactly how much that campaign will raise BEFORE we even spend any resources on it.

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Bonus #2 — 7 Steps to Productivity

“Let go of the things that hold you back!”

Total Value: $97.00

The crowdfunding space moves FAST! And if you’re not working at 150% efficiency, you’ll be left behind.

In this webinar, I break down the productivity hacks that I’ve learned by analyzing 1,000s of successful crowdfunding creators. I put them through the test by getting each of my team members to try them out for weeks at a time, and include only those that have the greatest impact.

Get this 100% for Free when you order your copy of Crowdfunding Secrets today!

Crowdfunding Secrets has already helped thousands of people run successful crowdfunding campaigns…

Still not sure?

“But Narek, I’ve never run a crowdfunding campaign before…”

Don’t worry! This is one of the most common mindsets that I see stop people from starting their own crowdfunding journey. All. The. Time!

There are campaigners who are already on their 40th campaign, and continue to raise $10-20,000. But there are also lots of first-time creators that I’ve seen launch a multi-million dollar campaign, because they followed the steps I break down in this book.

“But Narek, all the advice I read is outdated…”

I know, right?!

It seems like every guru out there just paused in 2018, and offers the same outdated information. There’s nothing about Apples new privacy changes. They don’t cover the new Facebook Conversion API. And all the advice on SMM and influencer marketing seems to date back to when the ice bucket challenge was trending!

But not this book. The original Crowdfunding Secrets launched on Amazon in 2015 and quickly became a bestseller. But this book is almost NOTHING like it.

When I started editing it in 2022, I hoped to just update a few numbers and be done with it in a week… but I quickly realized that all of the advice was outdated.

So I threw the book out, and started writing it again from scratch — and it ended up taking me and my team 6 months to rewrite!

And I’m happy to say that EVERYTHING is relevant to running a successful crowdfunding campaign NOW.

“But Narek, I don’t have time right now…”

You just read this page, didn’t you? In my book, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re interested in investing the necessary time to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Sure, you have a job, a family, friends… life gets in the way… but running a successful crowdfunding campaign doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, as long as you can prioritize and follow the advice I give you in Crowdfunding Secrets.

Once you’ve made the decision to launch your crowdfunding campaign, I recommend you follow through while the motivation is still hot! But don’t worry if it takes you a while to get started. With my 365-day guarantee, you have a year to try out all the advice in this book… and if you still feel it wasn’t worth the $5, you can just send me an email and I’ll refund you no questions asked!

“But Narek, I can’t afford the big advertising budget…”

You’ve probably heard that running a crowdfunding campaign is expensive. That you need to have prototypes ready. That you need to have a big advertising budget. That you need funds to pay influencers and journalists…

But don’t worry. In Crowdfunding Secrets, I show you tons of ways you can grow your campaign FOR FREE. So, even if your funds are limited — or non-existent — you can still make the most of your next crowdfunding campaign.

Too good to be true?

There are 100s of crowdfunding gurus out there, promising to work wonders for you and your crowdfunding campaign.

They charge large upfront fees, and then — after bringing you no returns — tell you that your product doesn’t have a market!

Or they offer you something for free, and then rope you into buying an expensive tool they’re promoting that you never wanted.

And worst of all, they’ve probably never even run a crowdfunding campaign themselves!

But as you’ve probably realized by now… I’m not one of them.

  • My business is 100% based on running the BEST crowdfunding campaigns
  • I’ve personally run some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history
  • I’ve grown my brand steadily over the past 8 years to the biggest team in crowdfunding — 117 team members!
  • And all the advice included in this book is active advice that my team ACTUALLY uses on a daily basis
  • Everything has been time-tested with millions of dollars of promotional budgets, and fine-tuned to ensure that every dollar you spend gets you the maximum return — after all, why would I want my clients to spend more?

So why am I giving out all this advice for just $5?

“Surely it’s worth more than that!”

Hint: It is! 😉

It’s worth a lot more than $5.

Think of it this way… the average pledge amount on Kickstarter is $81.82. If the advice in this book can get you just 1 single pledge, you’ll already have made back your investment — by over 1,600%!

And don’t worry, I am positive that it will bring you much much more than just 1 backer…

So, why am I charging just $5 if it’s worth so much more?

For a number of reasons:

  • It’s my way of giving back to the crowdfunding community. Without crowdfunding, I don’t know where I’d be right now… I’ve become beyond rich thanks to crowdfunding. It has helped me build a company and brand. It has helped me build some amazing friendships (and is even how I met my wife!).
  • I want to help crowdfunding level up. I HATE those scam campaigns that crowdfunding is sadly becoming known for. With so many amazing creators out there actually working on amazing innovations and artistic endeavors, I get so mad when I see Kickstarter and Indiegogo laughed at in the ecommerce world. I hope the advice in this book can help better creators run better campaigns, and turn that negative perception around!
  • This book isn’t a source of revenue for me. I run the most successful crowdfunding marketing agency, remember? Unlike those gurus out there who prey on wide-eyed creators, this book is a tiny tiny drop in my business’s revenue. And because of this, I can give all my advice to you for just $5 without it impacting my business!
  • It’s an excuse to connect with you. I believe business is all about great connections and partnerships. I take great pride in building awesome communities of creators. And once you read this book and see how much value it provides your crowdfunding campaign, I’m sure you’ll want to join me in my other activities.
  • I want to excel at another activity! Yeah… I’m kind of a show-off. And I’ve gotten kind of tired of bragging about how many people I’ve helped raise millions of dollars, and our crowdfunding stats in general — average raise of $1.2 million per campaign, biggest team in crowdfunding, 1,000s of campaigners helped, you know… By turning this book into a success, I can show off about something new!

Still not sure?

365-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

I used to offer the first edition of Crowdfunding Secrets to my newsletter subscribers for free. And I watched as 1,000s of people subscribed to get their copy… and then never launched their campaign!

That’s why I decided that after investing all this time and money in the second edition of this book, I would charge a small fee. Just enough to cover its expenses. And just enough to motivate you to actually get moving and launch that campaign!

We’ve all heard of how paying for a gym membership is much more effective in getting you fit than planning on working out at home… well, this $5 is your gym membership, and your AFTER photo is your next successful crowdfunding campaign!

And if you can’t invest $5 towards running your successful crowdfunding campaign, then this book isn’t for you.


I understand that even after all this, you still might be doubting yourself and the decision to run a crowdfunding campaign — or even whether this book will help you get there!

That’s why I want to offer you a 365-day guarantee!

Yup, that’s right!

Not a 1-week, or even 1-month guarantee… a 1 YEAR guarantee!

I’ll send you 100% of your money back… and you can even keep the book!

I just want to make sure that you to have the time to:

1. Read this book

2. Design your product

3. Validate your idea

4. Run a prelaunch lead-generation campaign

5. Send high-conversion emails

6. Build a social media presence

7. Get in touch with journalists and influencers

8. See your product placed in top media

9. Launch a successful crowdfunding campaign

10. See the backers rush in excited to give you their money

All with the peace of mind that you’re not rushed to test the strategies included inside.

And if for whatever reason they don’t work — or you didn’t find the time to launch and test them out for yourself — I will refund you 100% of your money… AND you get to keep the book!

Get Crowdfunding Secrets now…

Like everything in crowdfunding, time is of the essence, seriously…

I convinced my business partners that giving this book out for just $5 was a good idea. But more than that, I convinced them that sharing the insider secrets included in the book was a good idea.

They think it will negatively impact our business…

They think we’ll lose clients…

But I believe that you reading this book will have a positive impact.

So, I convinced them to try it out for a bit and see.

They’ve given me a limited amount of time to share it with you. And I might have to take it down tomorrow!

Get it while you still can: