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World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFI Hotspot, Anti - Thief Camera.

$ 2,954,036 Raised
6,560% Funded
19,095 Backers
Case Study


Volterman® is the World’s most powerful smart wallet with 5 smart functions:

• Built-in Powerbank (from 2,000 to 5,000 mAh)
• Distance Alarm
• Global GPS Tracking
• Worldwide WiFi Hotspot
• Thief Detection Camera.

With all the tech inside, Volterman® is slim and lightweight made from premium quality materials.

Back Story

It started when the inventor Azat Tovmasyan lost his wallet.
He came up with an idea to create a wallet that you can never lose.
The Crowdfunding Formula has been involved in the project from the very initial stage of product development.
Our goal was to create the #1 wallet campaign in the history of crowdfunding. To achieve this goal we needed to have an exceptional product on the global market.
After careful market research and analysis, we have created Volterman – a wallet with exceptional functionality and design.

It took us 6 months to craft the most compelling crowdfunding campaign.
See the tips and tricks that we used to get $ 2 + million for Volterman in our case study.

Case Study
Volterman Smart Wallet - Crowdfunding campaigns

Covered In

Featured in 500 Media
Most Backers Are From The USA
Ordered From 58 Countries Worldwide


PROVEN cardio-training breakthrough!

Ellen DeG: “You have to see this!” Easy calorie burn @work or INTENSE workouts, 500+cals watching TV

$ 3,791,290 Raised
18,956% Funded
8,196 Backers


• BionicGym is a wearable device that exercises you
• BionicGym lets you burn calories on your sofa, at your desk, anywhere
• BionicGym gives you easy and intense workouts
• BionicGym proven technology – invented by a doctor – tested on live TV
• BionicGym is #1 in fitness ever thanks to our amazing backers in 90 countries

Back Story

We’ve been consulting with the BionicGym campaign from the very beginning of the project.
This was our very first campaign that reached $3 million.
 The BionicGym product was an exciting and popular hit on the market and we are proud to be the ones that spread the word about it.

BionicGYM - Crowdfunding campaign

Moon by 1-Ring

World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster

$ 544,302 Raised
1,210% Funded
2,045 Backers


Moon is the world's most innovative Smart Home Solution. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary design:

• Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster
• Stabilized levitation with wireless charging
• 360° Day & Night Vision with sound direction detection technology
• Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Light Sensors
• No paid plans, no hidden fees
• No wires, No setup, No installation

Back Story

While running the crowdfunding campaign for MOON Smart Home Solution, for the first time in our crowdfunding history we decided to change the project’s positioning in the middle of the campaign. When we initially started, we had been focusing on the levitating camera as the most innovative part of the product. However, after receiving feedback from media and our campaign backers we realized that the functionality of our gadget allows us to claim that MOON is the most complete smart home hub.

After changing the trajectory of the project we landed quite a lot publications in media as well as gained support of gadget geeks looking for the tool to fully automate their home.

Moon by 1-Ring - Crowdfunding campaign


World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush

Dog-centric design, easy-to-use, safe and the most effective toothbrush for dogs.

$ 1,000,934 Raised
6,673% Funded
22,159 Backers


4 out of 5 dogs have dental problems.
Home dental care is of utmost importance for your pups, just like for humans.

Bristly solves the world's most widespread problem among dogs – Oral Disease.

• 2-sided Bristle lined grooves
• Toothpaste reservoir and
• Meat flavored natural rubber

Bristly prevents plaque and tartar build-up.

Your pup will thank you for it... ❤️

Back Story

The inventor of Bristly Petros Dertsakyan reached out to us after getting market feedback and validation for his product.
Early on it was apparent that the Bristly Brushing Stick solved a valuable need for dog owners everywhere because Bristly went on to become the most backed pet campaign in the history of crowdfunding with more than 20K backers worldwide.

To achieve this result we crafted and executed a unique PR and marketing strategy aimed to target pet parents worldwide.

We tested a diverse range of tactics and even created special campaigns to direct even more traffic to our campaign page.

A Labrador chewing Bristly - Crowdfunding campaign


A Smart Robot For Your Pet

VARRAM makes sure your pets are active, healthy and never alone. Monitor your pet remotely.

$ 602,373 Raised
2,005% Funded
3,589 Backers


56% of dogs and 60% of cats are classified as clinically overweight.
Obesity leads to decreased life expectancy for pets.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot solves one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century with:

• Snack reward system to move your pet
• Five stimuli artificial intelligence
• The automatic obstacle avoidance system
• Remote control through the app
• FDA-approved material safe for pets

Let your pet have fun while you’re away!❤️

Back Story

We took over management for the Varram project during its InDemand campaign. Though the campaigners had a solid base coming from the funding stage, we took on with a “tabula rasa” approach, meaning once we took over we repositioned its marketing strategy entirely, starting fresh. We crafted a new PR and marketing strategy but remembered to incorporate what worked with our other pet-related campaign projects.

After conducting careful market research, we started with redesigning the campaign page and refined how we promoted the VARRAM to potential backers. The new advertising campaign and SMM strategy quickly become one the main contributors to the campaigns ongoing success. 

Varram Smart Robot - Crowdfunding campaign


The Lightest, Most Performant Electric Bike

Having experience in the electric bike and carbon fiber industry CARBO team redefined the concept of Folding Electric Bikes.

$ 1,205,535 Raised
2,411% Funded
1,114 Backers


Carbo is:

• Light

• Simple

• Durable

• Beautiful

• Affordable

Carbo is built as the lightest, most performant electric bike.

Back Story

We’ve been consulting the Carbo team on every step of the project starting from the pre-launch stage all the to its funding stage.
The Carbo campaign case was a particularly interesting campaign for us given the highly competitive industry it was competing in.
In addition to advisory and consultation services, we ran an extensive advertising campaign for Carbo project that propelled its success.

Carbo ebike - Crowdfunding campaign


The Gold Standard of Wireless Earbuds

The wireless earbuds from the future. Touch Control. Wireless Charging. Powerful Bass. Bluetooth 5.

$ 1,496,490 Raised
7,482% Funded
25,416 Backers


HYPHEN Wireless Earbuds have been designed with functionality in mind. Stop overpaying and get premium earbuds at an affordable price today.

Well-engineered in every detail, they feature:

•  Integrated Wireless Charging
•  Advanced Touch Control
•  Bluetooth 5
•  IPX5 Water Resistance
•  Seamless Pairing
•  15 Meters of Listening Distance

Back Story

We have been working on the Hyphen campaign right from the beginning, designing specific promotional strategies, tactics, and methods to implement them. Although Hyphen was contending in a very competitive category, with many similar campaigns, we managed to strongly underline the project’s premium design and quality and clearly positioned it as a market leader in its category.

A highly effective ROAS, successful Product Hunt launch, and correct PR strategies made Hyphen one of the top trending campaigns of Indiegogo for more than 2.5 months, making it one of the most successful earbud campaigns in crowdfunding history.

VEZO 360

The First 4K 360 Degree Smart Dash Cam

Protect your car and everyone in it with a 4K 360˚ dash cam with AI drowsiness | 4G-LTE | & More

$ 1,445,894 Raised
5,783% Funded
5,948 Backers


  • •   Dual-lens 4K dash cam
  • •   Records with a 360˚ field of view
  • •   Built-in AI detects if you're falling asleep behind the wheel
  • •   Accident detection
  • •   4G/LTE connection
  • •   Configurable mobile app

The VEZO 360 propels dash cam technology into the 21st century

Back Story

The VEZO 360 had a long list of truly exceptional technology which gave us plenty of material to work with. That and the sheer amount of practical functionality with this product allowed us to position ourselves to showcase its distinct features through creative SMM posts, influencer promotions, and engage in some aggressive marketing. Facebook advertising was our heaviest lifter during this campaign.

We took full advantage of the various features and changed our advertising tactics often to constantly grow and reach out to new target audiences, which brought us over 120,000 visits to the campaign page.

Teamwork, collaboration and careful budgeting between our departments allowed us to appropriately incorporate the right marketing strategies and resources to get the VEZO 360 past the 1$ million dollar mark.


The world’s first headset to boost cognition: improve your memory, focus and creativity!

Put on the headset and use the app to choose between four different modes: learn, create, focus & rethink.

$ 443,613 Raised
2,016% Funded
1,294 Backers


Utilizing transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), the headset works by safely sending low electrical microcurrents through designated regions of your brain resulting in more focused and creative thinking. 

PlatoWork can optimize the natural activity in your brain and help you perform at your best. 

Put on the headset and use the app to choose between four different modes: LEARN, CREATE, CONCENTRATE & RETHINK. 

Back Story

The uniqueness of the PlatoWork Brain Stimulator Headset was definitely a product that would appeal to a niche market of consumers and that was something that we took into heavy consideration and meticulously planned for. We took over the campaign for this project one month in and got to work right away with Instagram influencers, and Facebook SMM’s to proactively advertise the benefits of PlatoWork to reach its target audience.

To us, it was extremely important to properly and accurately convey exactly what benefits people would receive when using the PlatoWork Headset as PlatoScience had a specific vision with the PlatoWork. All throughout the process, we collaborated closely and diligently with the company behind the PlatoWork, PlatoScience.

We played to our strengths and allocated tasks to specific team members, which resulted in a very successful campaign.

FUELL Flluid

Longest range, best pedal assist e-bike

Go further and faster, in style with the premium e-bike spec'd and built by Erik Buell.

$ 1,411,470 Raised
1882% Funded
883 Backers


FUELL Flluid is all about creating emotion and freedom.

We designed the Fluid e-bike with you in mind – you, city lovers and outdoor adventurers.

You who want something attractive, who value design and quality, who always look for something better, and want to ride the best-in-class e-bike.

Back Story

We took an interest in the FUELL E-Bike campaign early on. We felt like this particular E-bike had a lot of potential, and began collaborating with the creators of the FUELL FLLUID E-bike shortly after they launched their campaign. There was a challenge that presented itself with this project, and that was that the E-bike industry was a very saturated and competitive industry. We knew if we wanted to take FUELL FLLUID to the pinnacle of its success, we needed to make sure that our approach would distinguish itself over the competition.

We got to work on changing the direction of the campaign on every level, creating new angles to market and promote the e-bike, highlighting its legendary creator Erik Buell, the premium quality of the FUELL FLLUID and its magnificent 125 miles estimated travel range.

As with every campaign, we made sure to treat this campaign as its own unique thing, taking on a custom approach. We directed online traffic from many different sources like social media, and niche communities to us through aggressive advertisements, influencers, Facebook posts, and used a diverse range of PR strategies. We used everything in our tool belt and delegated the work to the experts in our team and made this one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the industry.


Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

Plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home.

$ 923,276 Raised
4616% Funded
2,523 Backers


Do you know why you pay more for your airline tickets or hotel rooms?

Or why shady Ad Tech companies are following you even in Incognito mode?

It's because your whole internet activity is being tracked without your knowledge or consent.

Meet Winston: a plug-and-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of internet on ANY connected device at home. Stop being watched, packaged & sold.

- Winston scrambles your internet activity with other Winston users

- Parental Control filters inappropriate content

- 90,000 tracking and malware sites blocked by default

- Reduces data usage by 45%, works with all streaming services and games

- No VPNs used (faster and more reliable)

Back Story

We took over the Winston campaign one week into its launch and made some substantial changes to their campaign, quickly resulting in increased traffic and backers.

The technology behind Winston is complex but its what it offers consumers is simple: Winston protects your online privacy and gives you security in an era where big tech companies track people's information online. We started from the ground up, and used every tool in our arsenal; starting from redesigning and overhauling their campaign page, engaging in aggressive PR and marketing tactics, cross promotions, utilizing influencers and SMM posts, and almost immediately the campaign took off.

Winston is still an ongoing campaign, with its popularity and appeal set to increase as more people discover how big tech companies track and use peoples online information.

Wicked Ball

Your Pet's Joy when Home Alone

A smart ball to keep your pet happy all day long

$ 1,067,553 Raised
5337% Funded
19,647 Backers


Wicked Ball is the bundle of fun and joy your pet pal needs while you are away.

  • •       100% automatic feature

  • •       3 reaction modes

  • •       Intelligent companion mode

  • •       Snack reward system

  • •       Waterproof and Washable

  • •       Obstacle avoidance system

  • •       Durable and safe for your pet

  • •       No app required 

Back Story

Let’s just say when it comes to crowdfunding entertaining pet-related products, this wasn’t our first rodeo. We have a lot of professional experience in the field of crowdfunding pet products. With working prototypes on hand, we were able to work closely with influencers and media outlets to create fun and interesting ways to present the WickBall.

Throughout WickedBall’s campaign, we realized very early on which market it would appeal to, and that just happened to be cat owners. When it comes to pet-related products  –  cat owners are often neglected, with most products being geared towards dogs. We repositioned our PR and advertising campaigns to effectively reach cat owners, and played to the products strength, marketing the Wool WickedBall made specifically to attract and retain a cat's attention...

We utilized proven, tried and true marketing methods to push the WickedBall well past its half-million dollar goal.

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