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Our Recent

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Excope DT1

World's Lightest Super Telephoto Camera

DT1 embodies photography excellence through advanced optics, a lightweight design, and seamless smartphone integration, enabling effortless capture, editing, and sharing of images.

$ 1,256,128 Raised
12561.28% funded
4879 Backers


Excope DT1 is a lightweight innovative optical device that combines leading-edge optics and high-performance digital technology with an ultra-telephoto lens. You can capture distant subjects, edit images, and share the screen with your friends through a smartphone. You’ll take photos in ways like never before.


TCF has been incredibly valuable to our crowdfunding efforts, especially during our successful Kickstarter campaign for the DT1 telescope. From the beginning, they provided thorough support, conducting detailed surveys and strategic analysis before launch. During the campaign, their careful selection of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) ensured ongoing engagement and growth.

Throughout our partnership, TCF maintained exceptional communication and responsiveness, keeping us updated at every step. Their data-driven approach offered valuable insights that significantly influenced our marketing strategies and campaign performance. Thanks to TCF, our project gained visibility and reached more people, while also improving operational efficiency for backers and stakeholders alike.

Their commitment to excellence has truly set a high standard for our future projects.

Kara Pure

Make pure water from the air

10L of fresh drinking water daily. World's 1st air-to-water dispenser of mineral-rich alkaline water

$ 1,230,557 Raised
12305.57% funded
1,272 Backers


Kara Pure is a water dispenser with innovative air-to-water technology. It transforms the standard air in your home into a 9.2+ pH antioxidant-alkaline water. Kara Pure makes it possible to have up to 2.5 gallons (~10L) of water every day from thin air.


We started with product validation on and got initial feedback from potential customers. We were absolutely ecstatic about the results of testing our product on!

Launching something totally new and unprecedented is definitely a daunting task, so in order to reach the greatest number of customers, we put together a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Since trust and credibility were essential elements to success, we arranged weekly live streams hosted by the creator, where he interacted directly with customers. We also used social media marketing and email campaigns to help educate potential customers about the product.

To amplify the impact, media representatives and influencers were recruited too! And finally, our advertising campaigns were tailored to continuously scale and target audiences from around the world.

The end result?
Kara Pure is now widely known as an innovative way to save money while helping the environment! And we couldn’t be more proud.


World’s Fastest External SSD

with 2,800MB/s transfer speeds ⚡ and heat control technology

$ 1,614,351 Raised
6457.404% funded
5,260 Backers


GigaDrive is the hyperfast, water-, dust- and shock-resistant external SSD. The latest Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 tech make the most of its 4TB (and now 8TB) NVMe M.2 drive to achieve speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s.  


We started working with the GigaDrive campaign during the lead generation stage. We tested a few directions - namely, Thunderbolt and other SSD features - before choosing the current position direction.

Eventually, after different tests, we positioned it as the world’s fastest external SSD that offers unmatched data transfer speed to any user.

By building a seamless, yet bright website we were able to clearly communicate the features and benefits of GigaDrive. The teams also employed these same design and copy elements to ensure a harmonious user experience for backers of GigaDrive.And while the Ads, SMM, Sale, and Copy departments were proactively working on promoting GigaDrive to potential backers through different mediums, our PR and Influencers Departments were making sure that "sharks" of their industry were also aware of the next big thing on the market.

Over the course of GigaDrive's campaign, all the activities of the marketing team — from design to copy to communication means — had a tangible impact on the overall campaign: GigaDrive raised over $1,5M to become the most funded external SSD in the whole crowdfunding history.

Oculis Lodge

Special Lodging Experience In Nature

Find serenity and relaxation along with the ultimate luxury

$ 1,224,803 Raised
12,248.03% funded
1,754 Backers


Find serenity and relaxation along with the ultimate luxury. This 700 sq/f domes near Mount Baker in Washington State offer a unique experience that is perfect for vacationers who want to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort. From its unique interior featuring amenities like a comfortable bed, personal kitchen and bathroom, 15-foot skylight, perfect for stargazing at nights, to its outdoor patio complete with a dining table and deck hammock, private sauna, and jacuzzi – it's the perfect place to reconnect with yourself, nature and your loved ones.


Step into the world of Oculis Lodge, where dreams and ambitions meet with strategy and creativity to build a crowdfunding success story like no other. In an industry where hotel campaigns rarely see such massive support, Oculis Lodge broke the mold and raised over $1.2 million through a combination of innovative thinking, creative strategies, and unrelenting dedication.

Once onboarded, the TCF professional team blasted off the Oculis Lodge story to the world through targeted media outlets and creative advertising strategies, creating a sense of urgency and exhilaration for potential backers. Our digital advertising prowess was unrivaled, capturing the attention of everyone in Washington state and beyond with laser-focused precision. While our PR gurus made sure the world knew about this one-of-a-kind lodging experience and left no stone unturned in our quest for success.

This is a milestone victory for TCF, where we demonstrated our unparalleled ability to turn new and untested product directions -- hospitality in crowdfunding -- into resounding triumphs. We helped bring the Oculis Lodge creator's vision to life by raising an astonishing $1.2 million dollars, breaking records, and making their business dreams a reality. And this is just a glimpse of the magic that happens when TCF steps in and brings ideas to life.


World’s best 2-in-1 solution for dog poop

Pick up and store your dog's waste for up to a week! No smell, no hassle. No more poopy days! Keep your hands, yard, and pooch clean.

$ 522,018 Raised
5220.18% funded
5,923 Backers


With Poopail you get no more poopy days! Pick up and store your dog's waste for up to a week, without smell or hassle. Poopail keeps your hands, yard, and pooch clean.


We were keen to design the perfect crowdfunding campaign that would showcase Poopail’s unique features and value propositions in the most engaging way possible—after all, other solutions were available on the market.

We knew to stand out amongst the competition, and we had to think outside the box and use innovative tactics with quirky visuals. So, instead of sticking with boring content, we jumped into the deep end and shifted our focus toward interactive, funny, and witty messages. We tapped into our playful side to make sure that potential backers saw our project in a new light—it was daring, unique, and full of personality. From advertising to campaign page—we did everything in our power to ensure that the Poopail’s story was interesting, interactive, engaging, and admirable.

And the rest, as they say, is history...

amofit S

Wearable for Sleep and Healthy Aging

Biohacking Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System | Wearable device for SLEEP, STRESS & ANXIETY

$ 541,889 Raised
5,420% funded
2,283 Backers


amofit S is a unique bioelectronic wearable device that improves sleep, stress, and anxiety transmitting mild electromagnetic signals to the vagus nerve in the chest area.


The amofit S and our cooperation journey was an amazing experience. We started off only with advertising services and once the initial results were visible, we decided to add more services.

In a short time, our marketing team managed to raise an extra $500K for the campaign. How? Through creating creative visuals series, where we compared the amofit S with sleeping pills and similar products. On top of that, we identified the targeted newsletters that would bring more organic traffic to our website.


Powerful Hi-Fi Speaker with Iconic Design

AMT Tweeter | Lossless Audio | Explosive Bass | Expansive Soundstage | Wide Frequency Response

$ 287,450 Raised
2874.5% funded
467 Backers


Packed with a powerful AMT tweeter, OEPLAY speaker is built to impress with exceptional sound quality to truly honor and respect the music the way it was written.


The TCF and OEPLAY team-up was a match made in heaven. OEPLAY had the vision to bring their revolutionary new speaker to the market. TCF, with its expertise in crowdfunding campaigns, was able to help OEPLAY create and launch its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The challenge was to create a campaign that would capture the attention of the public and convey the unique features of the speaker. To do this, TCF created a multi-faceted marketing strategy that brought together different digital marketing tactics. This included creating a series of videos to showcase the speaker’s features, as well as press releases and social media campaigns.

Throughout the campaign, we monitored the progress of the campaign and were able to make adjustments to maximize the success of it. This included creating new content, responding to customer inquiries quickly, and using targeted ads to reach the right audiences.

The collaboration was a success. The campaign was able to raise over $200K, and the speaker was featured in several major print and digital publications. This increased the exposure of the product, and allowed OEPLAY to reach a larger audience.


Face the world with the only full-face modular mask

A HEPA-enabled face mask that protects you and your identity while highlighting your personal style

$ 481,482 Raised
4814.82% funded
3795 Backers


Blanc is a cool face mask that allows you to breath fresh air through a HEPA filter, protecting your identity, and most importantly, having fun doing so with custom interchangeable panels.


Every creator yearns for the same thing: validation. A sign that they're on the right track and their idea will resonate with many people. The Blanc Mask was probably one of the most controversial campaigns during the past few years.

No one—literally no one—ever thought that the egg-shaped face mask would get this popular. After many tests and experiments, here's what we found.

The mask was for creative individuals who wanted to push the boundaries, with a full-face armor that goes above and beyond to protect the wearer from bacteria and viruses, and also give them privacy and protect their identity!

And the entire marketing campaign for crowdfunding was built around it. We used a combination of videos, images, and gifs to showcase how the mask works and the potential creative applications it brings.

The campaign slowly grew in popularity! It was an amazing success story that showed us just how powerful campaigns can be when you find the right positioning for a product.


Your own kitchen farm

An indoor garden to grow salads, herbs and small vegetables at home, all year round!

$ 447,125 Raised
4471.25% funded
993 Backers


MULTO is an indoor garden to grow salads, herbs, and small vegetables at home all year round! Its campaign story is captivating. Not only because we were working with a well-established and already appreciated brand, but also because of the innovative approach we decided to take.


Our collaboration with Prêt à Pousser within TCF Advertising Service was a great success from the get-go, and we wanted to continue pushing forward by adding other directions. From SMM to Influencer Marketing to Public Relations to Sales and Email Marketing — we knew that it would take a well-rounded strategy to make this campaign successful.

We started by creating an engaging and informative post and video content featuring product reviews, blogs, recipes, and other in-depth information about the product and how it works. We also relied heavily on PR and Influencer marketing and managed to land some very high-profile influencers who could spread the word about MULTO and its potential.

The MULTO campaign was a great success thanks to our innovative and well-rounded approach. By featuring engaging and informative content, we were able to reach potential customers through a variety of channels and drive sales.

Thanks to our efforts, the MULTO campaign raised almost $500K.

UV Mask

All-Day Active UV-C Air Purification Face Mask

A reusable, two-way protection, ozone-free mask that filters air pollutants, dust, smoke, droplets, pollen & leaf mulch as you breathe.

$ 4,164,225 Raised
20,821% funded
19,478 Backers


UVMask is the next generation reusable antiviral and anti-pollution face mask with the most powerful UV-C sterilization technology on the market. 

Housing a passive air filter and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex technology, it purifies and sterilizes air from pathogens, bacteria, and microbes 100X smaller than the grain of flour in real-time, providing all-day, 8-hour protection.

Check out the campaign  



We took over UVMask one week before its official launch on Kickstarter. With COVID-19 spreading across the globe rapidly, with governments pushing wearing masks everywhere in public and with unique attention towards personal hygiene, UVMask had the potential to be the next big thing.

With less time to prepare and a huge list of restrictions from Kickstarter and advertisement channels, we face several challenges. Every step of the campaign was consistently communicated with the creator team. To reach our target goals, we have changed the directions, testing out new strategies and approaches, and together with the creator team and backer community improved the product.



World’s Fastest Charging Power Bank

Charges 100% in 27 Min, 10,000mAh Graphene Power Bank, Dual Action Charging, Fast Charge Compatible.

$ 404,235 Raised
4042.35% funded
3,755 Backers


Apollo Ultra is the 4th generation of graphene-enhanced 10,000mAh power bank to fully charge in under 27 minutes and deliver you fast charging whenever needed.


We took up the Elecjet Apollo Ultra campaign early on, understanding that their technology could make a difference in today's mobile lifestyle.

It was an amazing chance to collaborate with Elecjet and test their product on's platform — an opportunity we couldn't pass up! Our testing and experimentation during the prelaunch stage, led to the early discovery of valuable feedback from our potential audience, helping us successfully pinpoint our ideal customer base and target them with precision at launch.

And when the day came we took a huge leap and launched our project on Indiegogo.

The Elecjet Apollo Ultra Indiegogo campaign was an absolute hit, we were thrilled with the response! We gained unprecedented press and influencer coverage, conversions from Ads, SMM, and email marketing along with a huge wave of pre-orders — all within only a few short weeks.

Duovox Mate Pro

Deep Learning AI Full-Color Night Vision

Turn Night Into Day With The Most Advanced True-Color Night Vision Camera for Your Next Outdoor, Boating, Travel, or City Adventures. Much more powerful than Sionyx.

$ 297,365 Raised
2974% funded
500 Backers


Duovox Mate Pro is the most advanced true-color night vision camera for outdoor activities, boating, travel, or city Adventures.


The DuoVox campaign was one of the most challenging yet creative campaigns we have ever done. We started by creating a high-end campaign page that had to engage users in the story of the product.

To ensure that all the product features were highlighted and easily understood, we created a series of videos. Each video showcased the camera’s capabilities in action, from its true-color night vision to its extreme zoom and wide-angle view capability. We also produced a number of creative assets for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels that explained each feature in more detail.

To further increase the reach of the campaign, TCF utilized its vast network of media contacts to secure press attention and had numerous video reviews on YouTube from prominent influencers, increasing the visibility of the product and building trust among potential customers. Thanks to the hard work of TCF, the DUOVOX camera was able to raise $250K for their outdoor camera.


Carbon Fiber e-Bike

The Most Stylish Bike out there! 15.5mph | Up to 100 Miles Range*| Fully Customizable Colors & Skins

$ 463,123 Raised
4631.23% funded
198 Backers


The CrownCruiser e-Bike blends distinctive custom styling, an advanced suspension system, a high-performance motor, and next-generation technology to give you the ultimate riding experience.


With CrownCruiser we were presented with a new challenge — to take an existing campaign halfway through and make it a success. With an eager audience and plenty of leads in sight, we still were not hitting the results we wanted — it seemed like something was missing from our campaign. Our initial team had built a great page with engaging copy and aesthetically pleasing photos, yet we found ourselves without any clear direction to take us forward.

With a few strategic shifts, CrownCruiser was transformed from an advanced tech product to something that truly touched the lives of its users. We crafted interactive landing pages and orchestrated warm-up emails before taking off with Social Media Marketing campaigns — connecting our brand with the people in meaningful ways!

With the release of our high-end e-cruiser, we wanted to ensure that its price was worth it for customers. Our sales team and savvy social media marketing went above and beyond — taking a personalized approach ensuring each customer not only resonated with this revolutionary product but also had an extraordinary experience overall.

As a result, success followed us all around!


World’s Fastest SSD & 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

4TB SSD + Thunderbolt 3 + USB 3.1 Gen2 + USB Gen 3.1+ HDMI 2.0 + SD UHS-II + 1000Mbps Ethernet

$ 1,039,135 Raised
6928% funded
4,643 Backers


TurboHub is an all-in-one SSD and adapter delivering up to 4TB of lightning fast SSD storage combined with the added versatility of 6 additional ports to boost your productivity. It comes in a single or dual USB-C connector with a Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, USB-C, HDMI, SD, and ethernet slot, all in one compact and sleek package with two color options.


We began working with TurboHub in the pre-launch stage, testing different audiences and angles for a data-driven direction.

TurboHub succeeded thanks to clever product positioning—there are great SSDs and great adapter hubs, but nothing comparable when combined.

With a defined position, target audiences, and different strategies, our Ads and Social Media Marketing departments put out highly effective ads, the PR and Influencer departments got prototypes out to big-name reviewers, and the Copy Department launched a well-thought email marketing which resulted in lots of conversions. All this drastically increased our brand reputation and led to the campaign’s success.

CIGA Design

Sophisticated Fully Automatic Titanium Timepiece

Designed to highlight real men’s love of complexity with outstanding design and superb performance.

$ 2,613,895 Raised
26,139% funded
10,727 Backers


This is the watch with nothing to hide.

A sophisticated transparent fully automatic timepiece made from Titanium and Sapphire Crystal that affords its wearer and those around him a chance to marvel at its inner workings and inherent strength.


Check out the campaign


We took on the CIGA Design campaign from pre-launch all the way through its live campaign, during which we raised $1-million.

Understanding its predominantly aesthetic appeal, we created a strong visual language and used the provided prototypes to create a high-end photograph and video series. Together with a strong understanding of CIGA’s audience, we developed a language that spoke to the desires of real men.

This became the basis for targeted ads and SMM, and a step towards engaging a variety of strong influencers who understood CIGA’s intrinsic value and mobilized their followers. Through language that echoed the timepiece’s sophistication and style, we also engaged influential media through our PR department.





VEZO 360

The First 4K 360 Degree Smart Dash Cam

Protect your car and everyone in it with a 4K 360˚ dash cam with AI drowsiness | 4G-LTE | & More

$ 1,949,190 Raised
7,797% funded
7,614 Backers



  • •   Dual-lens 4K dash cam
  • •   Records with a 360˚ field of view
  • •   Built-in AI detects if you're falling asleep behind the wheel
  • •   Accident detection
  • •   4G/LTE connection
  • •   Configurable mobile app

The VEZO 360 propels dash cam technology into the 21st century.


Check out the campaign


The VEZO 360 had a long list of truly exceptional technology which gave us plenty of material to work with. That and the sheer amount of practical functionality with this product allowed us to position ourselves to showcase its distinct features through creative SMM posts, influencer promotions, and engage in some aggressive marketing. Facebook advertising was our heaviest lifter during this campaign.

We took full advantage of the various features and changed our advertising tactics often to constantly grow and reach out to new target audiences, which brought us over 120,000 visits to the campaign page.

Teamwork, collaboration and careful budgeting between our departments allowed us to appropriately incorporate the right marketing strategies and resources to get the VEZO 360 past the 1$ million dollar mark.


The Garden In Your Palm That Makes Growing Fun Again!

With powerful LED lights and a self-watering reservoir, Pico makes planting easy for everyone.

$ 1,776,363 Raised
17,764% funded
20,675 Backers
Case Study


Pico helps anyone take their first steps into the magnificent world of growing plants.

Bright and fun, it brings nature into every corner of your home. With its OSRAM LEDs, it shines like the sun, no matter how dark. With its 7-day water reservoir and capillary action it’ll take care of watering even when you’re not around. And with its multiple attachments, you can stick it anywhere, from your fridge to your bathroom mirror!


Check out the Campaign







Pico was a fun and affordable product that we fully managed from launch to close on Kickstarter, and made it the most-funded and most-backed plant crowdfunding campaign ever.

We highlighted Pico’s accessibility—making growing easy for everyone, its affordability, and early shipment—and the shared boredom of the 2020 lockdown. And used this to develop a lively visual and written tone to match the fun, light-hearted nature of the product.

Colorful photographs accompanied punchy copy, and were turned into viral social media posts and advanced targeted ad campaigns. Our targeted approach to Influencer Marketing and PR outreach aided these efforts.

The wide reach and highly converting material resulted in a tremendously successful campaign, with over $1.2M pledged by over 15,000 backers.






Case Study

FUELL Flluid

Longest range, best pedal assist e-bike

Go further and faster, in style with the premium e-bike spec'd and built by Erik Buell.

$ 1,462,702 Raised
1,950% funded
910 Backers




FUELL Flluid is all about creating emotion and freedom.

We designed the Fluid e-bike with you in mind – you, city lovers and outdoor adventurers.

You who want something attractive, who value design and quality, who always look for something better, and want to ride the best-in-class e-bike.


Check out the Campaign 





We took an interest in the FUELL E-Bike campaign early on. We felt like this particular E-bike had a lot of potential, and began collaborating with the creators of the FUELL FLLUID E-bike shortly after they launched their campaign. There was a challenge that presented itself with this project, and that was that the E-bike industry was a very saturated and competitive industry. We knew if we wanted to take FUELL FLLUID to the pinnacle of its success, we needed to make sure that our approach would distinguish itself over the competition.

We got to work on changing the direction of the campaign on every level, creating new angles to market and promote the e-bike, highlighting its legendary creator Erik Buell, the premium quality of the FUELL FLLUID and its magnificent 125 miles estimated travel range.

As with every campaign, we made sure to treat this campaign as its own unique thing, taking on a custom approach. We directed online traffic from many different sources like social media, and niche communities to us through aggressive advertisements, influencers, Facebook posts, and used a diverse range of PR strategies. We used everything in our tool belt and delegated the work to the experts in our team and made this one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the industry.


Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

Plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home.

$ 1,681,201 Raised
8,406% funded
4,240 Backers




Do you know why you pay more for your airline tickets or hotel rooms?

Or why shady Ad Tech companies are following you even in Incognito mode?

It's because your whole internet activity is being tracked without your knowledge or consent.

Meet Winston: a plug-and-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of internet on ANY connected device at home. Stop being watched, packaged & sold.

- Winston scrambles your internet activity with other Winston users

- Parental Control filters inappropriate content

- 90,000 tracking and malware sites blocked by default

- Reduces data usage by 45%, works with all streaming services and games

- No VPNs used (faster and more reliable)


Check out the Campaign





We took over the Winston campaign one week into its launch and made some substantial changes to their campaign, quickly resulting in increased traffic and backers.

The technology behind Winston is complex but its what it offers consumers is simple: Winston protects your online privacy and gives you security in an era where big tech companies track people's information online. We started from the ground up, and used every tool in our arsenal; starting from redesigning and overhauling their campaign page, engaging in aggressive PR and marketing tactics, cross promotions, utilizing influencers and SMM posts, and almost immediately the campaign took off.

Winston is still an ongoing campaign, with its popularity and appeal set to increase as more people discover how big tech companies track and use peoples online information.


World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush

Dog-centric design, easy-to-use, safe and the most effective toothbrush for dogs.

$ 1,000,934 Raised
6,673% funded
22,159 Backers
Case Study


4 out of 5 dogs have dental problems.
Home dental care is of utmost importance for your pups, just like for humans.

Bristly solves the world's most widespread problem among dogs – Oral Disease.



• 2-sided Bristle lined grooves
• Toothpaste reservoir and
• Meat flavored natural rubber

Bristly prevents plaque and tartar build-up.

Your pup will thank you for it... ❤️


Check out the Campaign










The inventor of Bristly Petros Dertsakyan reached out to us after getting market feedback and validation for his product.
Early on it was apparent that the Bristly Brushing Stick solved a valuable need for dog owners everywhere because Bristly went on to become the most backed pet campaign in the history of crowdfunding with more than 20K backers worldwide.

To achieve this result we crafted and executed a unique PR and marketing strategy aimed to target pet parents worldwide.

We tested a diverse range of tactics and even created special campaigns to direct even more traffic to our campaign page.

Case Study
A Labrador chewing Bristly - Crowdfunding campaign


PROVEN cardio-training breakthrough!

Ellen DeG: “You have to see this!” Easy calorie burn @work or INTENSE workouts, 500+cals watching TV

$ 3,995,835 Raised
19,979% funded
8,501 Backers



• BionicGym is a wearable device that exercises you
• BionicGym lets you burn calories on your sofa, at your desk, anywhere
• BionicGym gives you easy and intense workouts
• BionicGym proven technology – invented by a doctor – tested on live TV
• BionicGym is #1 in fitness ever thanks to our amazing backers in 90 countries


Check out the Campaign



We’ve been consulting with the BionicGym campaign from the very beginning of the project.

This was our very first campaign that reached $3 million.

The BionicGym was an exciting and popular hit on the market and we are proud to be the ones that spread the word about it.

BionicGYM - Crowdfunding campaign


World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFI Hotspot, Anti - Thief Camera.

$ 2,954,036 Raised
6,560% funded
19,095 Backers
Case Study


Volterman® is the World’s most powerful smart wallet with 5 smart functions:

• Built-in Powerbank (from 2,000 to 5,000 mAh)
• Distance Alarm
• Global GPS Tracking
• Worldwide WiFi Hotspot
• Thief Detection Camera.

With all the tech inside, Volterman® is slim and lightweight made from premium quality materials.


Check out the campaign


It started when the inventor Azat Tovmasyan lost his wallet.
He came up with an idea to create a wallet that you can never lose.
The Crowdfunding Formula has been involved in the project from the very initial stage of product development.

Our goal was to create the #1 wallet campaign in the history of crowdfunding. To achieve this goal we needed to have an exceptional product on the global market.
After careful market research and analysis, we have created Volterman – a wallet with exceptional functionality and design.

It took us 6 months to craft the most compelling crowdfunding campaign.
See the tips and tricks that we used to get $ 2 + million for Volterman in our case study.

Case Study
Volterman Smart Wallet - Crowdfunding campaigns

Covered In

Featured in 500 Media
Most Backers Are From The USA
Ordered From 58 Countries Worldwide


The Gold Standard of Wireless Earbuds

The wireless earbuds from the future. Touch Control. Wireless Charging. Powerful Bass. Bluetooth 5.

$ 1,742,916 Raised
8,715% funded
28,796 Backers



HYPHEN Wireless Earbuds have been designed with functionality in mind. Stop overpaying and get premium earbuds at an affordable price today.
Well-engineered in every detail, they feature:
•  Integrated Wireless Charging
•  Advanced Touch Control
•  Bluetooth 5
•  IPX5 Water Resistance
•  Seamless Pairing
•  15 Meters of Listening Distance


Check out the Campaign 




We have been working on the Hyphen campaign right from the beginning, designing specific promotional strategies, tactics, and methods to implement them. Although Hyphen was contending in a very competitive category, with many similar campaigns, we managed to strongly underline the project’s premium design and quality and clearly positioned it as a market leader in its category.

A highly effective ROAS, successful Product Hunt launch, and correct PR strategies made Hyphen one of the top trending campaigns of Indiegogo for more than 2.5 months, making it one of the most successful earbud campaigns in crowdfunding history.




A Smart Robot For Your Pet

VARRAM makes sure your pets are active, healthy and never alone. Monitor your pet remotely.

$ 602,373 Raised
2,005% funded
3,589 Backers


56% of dogs and 60% of cats are classified as clinically overweight.
Obesity leads to decreased life expectancy for pets.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot solves one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century with:


• Snack reward system to move your pet
• Five stimuli artificial intelligence
• The automatic obstacle avoidance system
• Remote control through the app
• FDA-approved material safe for pets

Let your pet have fun while you’re away!❤️

Check out the Campaign


We took over management for the Varram project during its InDemand campaign. Though the campaigners had a solid base coming from the funding stage, we took on with a “tabula rasa” approach, meaning once we took over we repositioned its marketing strategy entirely, starting fresh. We crafted a new PR and marketing strategy but remembered to incorporate what worked with our other pet-related campaign projects.

After conducting careful market research, we started with redesigning the campaign page and refined how we promoted the VARRAM to potential backers. The new advertising campaign and SMM strategy quickly become one the main contributors to the campaigns ongoing success. 

Varram Smart Robot - Crowdfunding campaign


The Lightest, Most Performant Electric Bike

Having experience in the electric bike and carbon fiber industry CARBO team redefined the concept of Folding Electric Bikes.

$ 1,225,689 Raised
2,451% funded
1,151 Backers




Carbo is:

• Light

• Simple

• Durable

• Beautiful

• Affordable





Carbo is built as the lightest, most performant electric bike.


Check out the Campaign


We’ve been consulting the Carbo team on every step of the project starting from the pre-launch stage all the to its funding stage.
The Carbo campaign case was a particularly interesting campaign for us given the highly competitive industry it was competing in.
In addition to advisory and consultation services, we ran an extensive advertising campaign for Carbo project that propelled its success.

Carbo ebike - Crowdfunding campaign


The world’s first headset to boost cognition: improve your memory, focus and creativity!

Put on the headset and use the app to choose between four different modes: learn, create, focus & rethink.

$ 491,793 Raised
2,235% funded
1,411 Backers


Utilizing transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), the headset works by safely sending low electrical microcurrents through designated regions of your brain resulting in more focused and creative thinking. 

PlatoWork can optimize the natural activity in your brain and help you perform at your best. 

Put on the headset and use the app to choose between four different modes: LEARN, CREATE, CONCENTRATE & RETHINK. 


Check out the Campaign




The uniqueness of the PlatoWork Brain Stimulator Headset was definitely a product that would appeal to a niche market of consumers and that was something that we took into heavy consideration and meticulously planned for. We took over the campaign for this project one month in and got to work right away with Instagram influencers, and Facebook SMM’s to proactively advertise the benefits of PlatoWork to reach its target audience.

To us, it was extremely important to properly and accurately convey exactly what benefits people would receive when using the PlatoWork Headset as PlatoScience had a specific vision with the PlatoWork. All throughout the process, we collaborated closely and diligently with the company behind the PlatoWork, PlatoScience.

We played to our strengths and allocated tasks to specific team members, which resulted in a very successful campaign.



Moon by 1-Ring

World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster.

$ 544,676 Raised
1,210% funded
2,046 Backers


Moon is the world's most innovative Smart Home Solution. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary design:


• Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster
• Stabilized levitation with wireless charging
• 360° Day & Night Vision with sound direction detection technology
• Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Light Sensors
• No paid plans, no hidden fees
• No wires, No setup, No installation


Check out the Campaign


While running the crowdfunding campaign for MOON Smart Home Solution, for the first time in our crowdfunding history we decided to change the project’s positioning in the middle of the campaign. When we initially started, we had been focusing on the levitating camera as the most innovative part of the product. However, after receiving feedback from media and our campaign backers we realized that the functionality of our gadget allows us to claim that MOON is the most complete smart home hub.

After changing the trajectory of the project we landed quite a lot publications in media as well as gained support of gadget geeks looking for the tool to fully automate their home.

Moon by 1-Ring - Crowdfunding campaign

Wicked Ball

Your Pet's Joy when Home Alone

A smart ball to keep your pet happy all day long.

$ 1,067,553 Raised
5337% funded
19,647 Backers




Wicked Ball is the bundle of fun and joy your pet pal needs while you are away.

  • •       100% automatic feature

  • •       3 reaction modes

  • •       Intelligent companion mode

  • •       Snack reward system

  • •       Waterproof and Washable

  • •       Obstacle avoidance system

  • •       Durable and safe for your pet

  • •       No app required 



Check the Campaign


Let’s just say when it comes to crowdfunding entertaining pet-related products, this wasn’t our first rodeo. We have a lot of professional experience in the field of crowdfunding pet products. With working prototypes on hand, we were able to work closely with influencers and media outlets to create fun and interesting ways to present the WickBall.

Throughout WickedBall’s campaign, we realized very early on which market it would appeal to, and that just happened to be cat owners. When it comes to pet-related products  –  cat owners are often neglected, with most products being geared towards dogs. We repositioned our PR and advertising campaigns to effectively reach cat owners, and played to the products strength, marketing the Wool WickedBall made specifically to attract and retain a cat's attention...

We utilized proven, tried and true marketing methods to push the WickedBall well past its half-million dollar goal.


The E-Scooter That Fits in a Backpack

Fast, powerful, and compact—MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter.

$ 807,909 Raised
8080% funded
2,038 Backers


MiniFalcon was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long, it's the first packable e-scooter that stands out for its high performance, long battery lifespan, and other cool features!

• 1st Portable High-Performance E-scooter
• 2H Fast Charging. Long-lasting Battery
• 220 Ibs/100 kg Weight Capacity
• Kinetic Energy Recovery System
• High-Efficiency Shock Absorber
• Dual Rear Brake Technology
• Puncture-Proof Tires
• Quick-View Digital Display

Check out the Campaign 


MiniFalcon came to us during their live campaign for Facebook Ads, during which our results convinced the team to give us full campaign management during its Indiegogo InDemand.

Through in-depth product and audience research, our targeted ads raised more than 60% of the campaign's total raise during the live campaign.

With this understanding of the product and audience, we went back to the drawing board. By re-branding MiniFalcon and redesigning the entire page concept, we doubled the page's conversion rate during InDemand, a time when conversion rates typically drop.


The Perfect Cup of Tea at the Push of a Button!

Get a perfectly consistent brew of any tea every single time—straight to your cup, ready to drink!

$ 1,302,240 Raised
4,200% funded
9,069 Backers


Bru makes tea brewing easy. 

Integrating the teapot into the kettle and removing all unnecessary hassle, Bru turns tea leaves and teabags into your ideal cup of tea. Control the temperature, steeping time, cup size and more. And save your favorite settings so you’ll know your perfect cuppa will be just as great every time.

Check out the campaign


Bru came to us at one of the hardest times in a campaign’s journey—the transition from Kickstarter to Indiegogo InDemand. After their successful launch, they needed an experienced campaign manager to keep the momentum going.

We built off of their existing audiences, positioning and materials, finding new approaches and refining current ones. After streamlining the crowdfunding page—redesigning the graphics and rewriting the copy from the ground up—we expanded our target audiences to discover new untapped countries and interests.

Like the warm cup of tea that Bru pours, we poured warmth into our Facebook advertising that people connected with. And thanks to carefully timed activities and add-ons, we managed to hold a steady conversion rate well past our initial goal of $1M.


The Most Powerful Silicone Electric Toothbrush

A designer toothbrush with a full silicone body and head that offers a deep clean while being soft on the gums, and only needs charging 3x per year.

$ 627,821 Raised
3,139% funded
3,887 Backers


PomaBrush is built for an on-the-go lifestyle. No stand, no bulky attachments, just the sleek wireless charging PomaCase. Whether it's for an overseas trip or a last-minute office meeting, this cool toothbrush powers confidence for 4 months on a single charge.The result of premium US tech and superior Italian design, its soft silicone texture feels great against skin and teeth.


Our team partnered with PomaBrush early on in its product development. Through targeted messaging to different audiences, we tested our and our partner's theories and gathered data that drove not only the marketing but the product development. From travelers to Apple lovers, different color combinations, and case materials, we narrowed the offer through unique ads, landing pages, and email marketing funnels in preparation for launch. In order to capture the minimalist essence of PomaBrush, our copywriting, design, and video departments developed the Kickstarter Campaign video from concept to end result and produced a series of over 100 high-quality renders and photographs.


The most cat-friendly water fountain on Earth

Non-electric, easy-to-clean & whisker-friendly water fountain for even the pickiest cats.

$ 932,084 Raised
9,321% funded
15,904 Backers


This non-electric fountain is the most cat-friendly solution to our fur friends’ 2-day supply of fresh water. Featuring a wide and shallow dish, it delivers an enjoyable and whisker-safe drinking experience to cats, freeing cat parents from the need to refill the bowls all the time.


Having 2 successful pet products in our portfolio, we decided to take KittySpring and turn it into another big campaign for cats and their parents. The problem of cats’ dehydration being quite widespread and the market being full of different fountains—both electric and non-electric—KitttySpring was quite promising in terms of satisfying all the preferences of cat owners: it’s non-electric, is made of FDA and RoHS certified materials, and features a whisker-friendly design.

The entire campaign and its strategies were thoroughly discussed and prepared by the team well before the launch. This allowed us to create an attractive storyline and ensure a high engagement level throughout the campaign. Besides, in close cooperation with our creator team, we organized a Cat of the Day Mega Giveaway, which allowed cat parents to win KittySpring for their cats by posting their cuties’ photos and videos. Another important factor determining the success of the campaign was creating a glass dish version of KittySpring considering our backers’ needs and wishes.

Duovox Ultra

Unlock the Secrets of the Night

Full color at low light & 7-level IR illuminator at pitch darkness | 1080FHD | up to 500m range | up to 10 hrs battery

$ 1,191,648 Raised
23832.96% funded
6,769 Backers


Duovox Ultra is the most funded night vision monocular. Duovox Ultra night vision monocular partner for the true explorers of the great outdoors. An advanced 1080 FHD resolution camera, 10x digital zoom, and 840NM IR illuminator help to capture every detail in real-time full color even in pitch darkness. With the cutting-edge optical, sensor, and image processing technologies of the Duovox Ultra, you can capture clear and stunning images even in the darkest environments.


Our Duovox Ultra journey began with its predecessor, the Duovox Mate Pro which raised $250k in the beginning of 2023. Together with the creator we took the Mate Pro to the next level by involving the community and listening to their feedback. This helped make the product even better in terms of design and technology.

We tapped into the valuable insights of the community and positioned the new Duovox as the “Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular” for night-time hunters and explorers as a “Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular.”

To further engage with the intended user base, our advertising team used a clever mix of search engine and social media ads, with a unique focused on Facebook ads. TCF's savvy PR team and its innovative referral strategy also enabled us to secure coverage from influential media outlets, driving direct conversions and organic traffic to the Duovox Ultra campaign.

By leveraging all the possible channels, the TCF team attracted more than 7,294 backers from around the globe and raised more than $1.2 million in pre-orders for Duovox Ultra.

FUELL Flluid-2 & 3

World's Longest Range E-bike

Ultra Long Range | Powerful Motor | Automatic Gearbox | Throttle Assist | Anti-Theft

$ 1,580,940 Raised
5269.8% funded
545 Backers


FUELL Flluid comes in 2 versions: Flluid-2 and Flluid-3. Flluid-2 is the world's longest-range e-bike. It can go up to 350 km (225 mi) on a single charge. It comes with 2 removable batteries and with Valeo Cyclee MidDrive motor that can assist up to 45 km/h speed. Flluid-3 is the step-through and long-range version of it. It can go up to 180 km (110 mi) on a single charge. Both of them come with a screen, throttle system, antitheft system, and GPS tracking.


Our partnership with FUELL for the Flluid 1 campaign set the stage for our continued collaboration. In 2023, we reunited to launch the Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes. We devised an efficacious strategy, centering on the development of a vibrant community on - a move that generated an impressive $400k within days of the campaign launch.

Recognizing the significant investment that Flluid's high-quality e-bikes represented, we sought to provide potential customers with unbiased, reliable perspectives. Our alliance with media representatives, influencers, and journalists, including popular YouTubers and Micah Toll, led to the creation of authentic video and article reviews. These vivid portrayals of our products' capabilities heightened customer trust and confidence in the Flluid brand.

We strategically repurposed this content across retargeting ads, SMM content, and email marketing to underscore the incomparable features and reliability of the Flluid e-bikes. To further boost credibility, we conducted live Q&A sessions with the founders, providing our VIP community with tailored answers to their queries.
The culmination of our dedicated efforts was the monumental success of the Flluid 2 & 3 e-bikes, raising $1,126,140 during the live stage. The campaigns highlighted Flluid's e-bikes as the world's longest-range e-bikes, integrating advanced technology and power with extended range.


The Safest Cycling Helmet for e-bikes

Full Head Protection | Safety Standards-Compliant | Detachable Visor | Lightweight & Comfortable

$ 317,536 Raised
3175.36% funded
2,336 Backers


VIRGO was designed to provide full protection in a lightweight piece for people who value both safety and performance. This helmet is suitable for e-bike riding, as well as for regular bike rides. Its design skillfully blends lightweight construction, optimal ventilation, and full facial protection in the event of a head-on collision.


TCF team proudly took up the challenge of stepping in at a critical phase of the VIRGO e-bike helmet campaign. Despite being presented with a narrow timeframe of just 5 days prior to launch, our team demonstrated adept project management skills to ensure a successful takeoff.

Our confidence was bolstered by VIRGO's successful track record of 8 previous Kickstarter campaigns, lending credibility to this venture. Leveraging this, we orchestrated a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing potent PR tactics, influential marketing, robust
advertising, and proactive social media management.

The results speak for themselves - the campaign not only met but exponentially exceeded the initial funding goal by an impressive 2688%. This success, earning a prominent position among similar campaigns, stands testament to our ability at TCF to effectively accelerate projects, even within constrained timeframes.


The Most Powerful Chess Board Ever Invented

Experience the magic with the world's first fully-robotic smart chess board, with self-moving pieces and color-coded coaching lights. Learn. Play. Improve. Compete.

$ 3,310,884 Raised
16554.42% funded
8,708 Backers


GoChess is the world’s thinnest robotic smart board with self-moving pieces, smart coaching lights, and AI technology. You can play with anyone in the world while keeping the realistic gameplay feeling through the board’s online connectivity and game with AI.


As TCF, we're proud to have partnered with Particula on their GoChess campaign, an incredible venture that became the most-funded chessboard campaign ever on Kickstarter.

Particula’s experience with successful campaigns like GoCube and GoDice, coupled with our expertise in campaign management, paved the way for GoChess's resounding success, resulting in a whopping $2,000,000 being raised. Leveraging, we validated the market interest for GoChess before diving into the campaign execution.

Our strategy was dynamic, involving extensive A/B testing of ads aimed at various audiences. Through a data-driven approach, we discovered that emphasizing strategic thinking, intelligence, and problem-solving skills resonated most with our audience. This insight informed our content marketing strategy and was instrumental in driving interest in GoChess.

Our multi-pronged approach also incorporated PR activities, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns. This not only boosted the campaign's visibility but also sparked immense curiosity and enthusiasm around GoChess.

The result? A phenomenal 13-fold return on investment and a 5-fold return on ad spend. These impressive figures not only cemented GoChess's status as the most funded chess campaign on Kickstarter but also underscored the campaign's continued success on Indiegogo.


World's Fastest Graphene Power Bank

The 1st & Fastest 290W Graphene Power Bank┃MagSafe + Apple Watch┃6 Ports┃100Wh/27,000 mAh

$ 152,371 Raised
3047.42% funded
738 Backers


BOLD 2 is the fastest graphene power bank in the market. It comes with 4 USB ports and 2 wireless pads. It has a 140W Type-C port which can charge a 16" MacBook pro to 50% in just 30 minutes. It can charge any device wirelessly if they have that capability and charge AppleWatch with the other wireless pad.


At TCF, we take pride in sharing the remarkable success story of the BOLD-2 campaign. Building on the triumph of its predecessor, BOLD-1, UZE entrusted us to refine and propel their innovative creation, BOLD-2, to new heights.

Our journey began with a modest funding goal of $36,000 on Indiegogo but soared beyond expectations to secure a total funding of $152,670. This significant accomplishment was not the result of luck but of our meticulously crafted and executed strategies.

We identified three key marketing avenues from the onset: PR, Influencer Marketing, and Email Marketing. We embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the campaign page, ensuring optimum conversions and increased average purchase value through strategic add-ons.

Recognizing the power of social proof, we leveraged Influencer Marketing, specifically targeting YouTube due to its profound influence on consumer decision-making processes. Our outreach to YouTubers yielded 3 influential reviews that led to $10k+ in direct conversions and boosted organic search results.

To keep the momentum going, we introduced special offers during the live stage of the campaign, significantly enhancing the conversion rate during vital promotions and reviews. Parallelly, our well-structured email marketing strategies consistently generated weekly conversions ranging from $5k to $10k throughout the campaign.

We're not merely about creating campaigns - we're about crafting success stories. BOLD-2 is a shining example of our commitment to delivering extraordinary results.


Stimulation Device & App with AI for Orgasm Control

MYHIXEL CONTROL - The most advanced tech solution for PE & climax control: the combination of a stimulation device + a training app.

$ 702,790 Raised
3513.95% funded
3652 Backers


MYHIXEL is a unique therapeutic method that addresses premature ejaculation and climax control and allows men to control ejaculation without pills or numbing creams which could have side effects.

Thanks to this method men can see they can control when they ejaculate. It combines a unique masturbation aid device with a specific 8-week exercise program to control ejaculation, all contained within a single app.


MYHIXEL, while a unique proposition in the market, demonstrated substantial promise as seen through various insights. The team had previously conducted a Kickstarter campaign, successfully raising around $80K. However, they aimed to supersede this with a larger-scale campaign. This ambition was realized as we managed to secure approximately 10 times more funding than their initial campaign, positioning it as one of the most funded initiatives in its category.

The journey wasn't without its hurdles, as numerous platforms prohibited the advertising of our product. To circumnavigate this, we devised effective messaging and visuals that not only met platform guidelines but also drove conversion. By leveraging PR and influencer marketing channels, we significantly amplified our campaign. Several posts gained millions of views and were instrumental in boosting our fundraising efforts.


Reduce stress, anxiety & improve sleep!

Enjoy Instant stress relief & better sleep with the World’s Best Portable Vagus Stimulator.

$ 125,156 Raised
1251.56% funded
1,584 Backers


Pulsetto is a new wearable device that utilizes Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) to help you take back control of your mental health. Placed on your neck, that’s the closest to the vagus nerve, so to activate it faster — in under 4 minutes you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

It bio-hacks your parasympathetic nervous system to manage and even out the stress and anxiety levels and improve your sleep and overall well-being whenever or wherever you go.


At TCF, we're proud to have collaborated with the creators of Pulsetto, an innovative solution addressing stress and anxiety. We embarked on a multi-faceted project, exploring several avenues, including sleep improvement and anxiety relief. Despite the broad scope, we discovered that a focus on stress and anxiety solutions resonated most profoundly with our audience.

This revelation didn't confine our creative process; instead, it allowed us to strategically integrate new add-ons and promotions throughout the period. A series of successful upsells and special offers further validated our direction. In tandem, we established partnerships with renowned biohackers and journalists, providing samples for their rigorous review.

The journey with Pulsetto demonstrates our commitment to evolving, learning, and achieving success, regardless of the project's complexity. Our collaboration not only led to the creation of an impactful product but also an enriching experience for all parties involved.

MoonPass Lookouts

Your Elevated Forest Experience

Glass Roof. Private Sauna & Bathroom. Complete Privacy & Stunning Scenery. Pet-Friendly. Stargazing

$ 304,614 Raised
1523.07% funded
827 Backers


MoonPass Lookouts features five custom-built fire lookout towers, each with a glass roof for stargazing, allowing guests to explore the historic site of the Great Fire of 1910 while experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime forest adventure. It is founded by an acclaimed Airbnb host Kristie Wolfe. With modern-day comforts, including full-size beds, kitchens, bathrooms, and solar power, MoonPass Lookouts is poised to become a bucket-list destination for travelers worldwide.


The MoonPass campaign, which we've enjoyed managing, sailed smoothly through pre-launch product validations. Thanks to its promising results, we decided to continue overseeing its progress. Our successful campaign strategy was bolstered by the credibility and popularity of our campaign host, a well-respected figure within the community.

A well-executed public relations strategy saw more than 60 articles about MoonPass being published in various local media outlets. This strategy undoubtedly played a major role in the campaign's success. We didn't stop there. Our ad campaigns, which focused primarily on Idaho and its neighboring states, also demonstrated strong performance. 

Our final stroke of marketing strategy was offering potential customers the flexibility to transfer their stay from MoonPass to any of Kristie's properties. This strategy further incentivized participation, prompting even greater engagement with our campaign.

It is worth mentioning that $185,002 - was raised by another agency, and the Crowdfunding Formula was responsible for raising another $242,391.


Your binocular night vision camera

YASHICA Vision binocular night vision: Capture Night in 4K

$ 1,048,257 Raised
5241.285% funded
6,627 Backers


YASHICA Vision is the first night vision device from the 75-year-old photography camera brand YASHICA. We made it the most funded binocular night vision on Kickstarter. It provides amazing 4k image quality for video and up to 58MP photo quality for crisp and clear photos. It also has AI-powered full-color vision and up to 600 meter view distance at night so you can see the objects in real color up to 600m away. The technology behind it does the heavy lifting by removing the noise and making the objects in focus look crisper without eliminating the details. It's made for nighttime and wildlife explorers who value the high-quality image at night, for hunters, campers, and people living in rural areas who want to monitor their farms and surroundings to protect their animals and home.


Establishing credibility and effectively communicating the product’s features were paramount for the YASHICA Vision campaign.

To achieve this, we strategically structured the landing page to first highlight the esteemed YASHICA brand, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the photographic and imaging industry for decades. This emphasis on the brand’s rich heritage was not merely nostalgic; it built a strong foundation of credibility and trust from the outset. By associating YASHICA Vision with the well-respected YASHICA legacy, potential backers were reassured of the product’s quality and the company’s commitment to excellence.

Additionally, the page was meticulously designed to showcase the product features prominently, intertwining technical specifications with real-world applications to vividly depict the YASHICA Vision in action. Incorporating videos showcasing the product’s performance in real-world settings provided tangible proof of its capabilities, allowing potential backers to witness the remarkable quality and effectiveness of YASHICA Vision firsthand.

The campaign’s success was a testament to the power of collaborative efforts, spanning from pivotal email marketing strategies to impactful advertising campaigns and dynamic social media promotions. Engaging with backer communities also played a critical role, enabling us to forge strong connections and generate significant buzz around the YASHICA Vision. These multifaceted initiatives propelled us to surpass our fundraising goals, ultimately raising over USD 1 million. The campaign concluded with an impressive 9.2 return on investment (ROI), underscoring the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach and the collective dedication of our team to achieve remarkable results.


An Ecosystem MultiCooler

Chill on the Road, Power Where You Roam AC180T Power Station and MultiCooler Portable Fridge

$ 1,258,826 Raised
2517.652% funded
928 Backers


 Introducing the BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem, the power behind the greatest adventures. The BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem comes with 3 units AC180T Solar Generator, MultiCooler Portable Fridge and B70 Modular Battery. The Ecosystem helps you keep your devices powered, run any appliance on the go, and keep your food fresh and refreshments ice-cold for 6 days!


We started our collaboration with the BlUETTI team in the midst of their crowdfunding campaign, with a clear goal to increase sales and boost overall performance. Through our market research and analysis, we identified key challenges and developed strategies to overcome them.
Seasonality posed a significant obstacle, as the campaign had been initiated during a period traditionally characterized by low demand for outdoor gear. To effectively tackle this, our strategy pivoted towards leveraging targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. Recognizing that BLUETTI’s strong social media presence and established brand recognition could be an asset, these platforms allowed us to connect with an audience already familiar with the brand. By tailoring our messaging to highlight the year-round utility and unique selling points of BLUETTI’s products, we aimed to mitigate the impact of seasonality and drive interest and sales even during off-peak periods. This approach was driven by the insight that brand familiarity could significantly reduce the barrier to purchase, turning seasonality from a challenge into an opportunity for targeted engagement and conversion.
To further drive sales, we introduced special offers for specific perks, such as the Multicooler and B70 battery bundle. These limited-time promotions helped boost sales significantly and also increased the average order value by 13.23%.
Overall, our collaboration with BLUETTI resulted in a successful crowdfunding campaign that surpassed expectations. With our strategic marketing efforts and continuous analysis of results, we were able to overcome initial challenges and help BLUETTI achieve their funding goals, raising over $1,258,826.

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