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Evan Varsamis

CEO at Gadget Flow
Live on April 15th!
#Growth-hacks #Product #Crowdfunding


Evan is a NYC-based entrepreneur, founder and CEO of one of the most powerful product discovery platforms on the web, Gadget Flow Inc. 

His main goal: to simplify online product exploration. 

Since its inception in 2012, his platform gained wide acclaim, helping others discover awesome products, including some of the best crowdfunding campaigns. Evan is recognized as a Crowdfunding Expert by the community and Kickstarter itself, and is a proud member of YEC. 

He is also a contributor to many reputable magazines, including Forbes, Fortune, Mashable and many more.

AMA with Evan Varsamis


Mariam Grigoryan


What tactics did you use at the early stages of Gadget Flow to reach your audience?

Lilit Khachatryan


Hello Evan. Can you please tell, how the current situation is affecting your business and how do you deal with it. Thank you

Boris Kobalt


Hi Evan, based on your experience with so many crowdfunding campaigns - how necessary or how imperative are promotional services like Gadget Flow and others? I personally love scrolling through Gadget Flow and look at different cool products. But from a campaigner's POV, are they essential channels to utilize? Or you could get away without it. Thanks



Because we are a start-up and do not have the funds for a marketing campaign are you will do crowdfunding at risk. Your marketing and other costs will be recovered from the proceeds of the crowdfunding?