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Yaniv Masjedi is chief marketing officer at Nextiva, a business cloud-communications company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he manages the company's marketing and branding efforts.

Growing up in LA, Yaniv went to UCLA for political science, fully intending on going to law school afterwards, but that changed when he took a job at IPOWER, a web hosting company in Santa Monica. The company was growing rapidly, and he found it exciting to be part of a team on the cutting edge of technology. He worked in sales at first, and a few months in, a marketing role opened up.

Even though Yaniv never took a marketing class, he jumped at the opportunity and immediately fell in love with marketing. IPOWER merged with Endurance International Group, and in 2006 its founder, Tomas Gorny, came up with the idea for Nextiva. Tomas wanted to transform business communication, starting with phone service. He was tired of the lack of innovation and poor care for customers and employees. Nextiva was the answer for an entire industry. Inspired by this, Yaniv joined him at Nextiva and was part of the founding team. Nextiva welcomed its first customer in 2008.

From the beginning, Nextiva’s leadership team has always been focused on growing the business for the longterm, not having an exit strategy and doing right by their employees and customers. Today the company has expanded beyond VoIP, employing 1,000 team members all over the world, serving more than 150,000 business customers, and is growing more every day.

In his role as CMO, Yaniv initiates programs related to brand management, demand generation, advertising, marketing communications and thought leadership. In addition to his work at Nextiva, he also writes on various business topics for leading publications.

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