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Alexei Kim

Live on September 20th!
#Analytics #Mobilemarketing


Live Oct 2nd! AMA with Nir Eyal, Behavioral Design Consultant and Investor and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of "Hooked" and "Indistractable"

AMA with Alexei Kim




Hi Nir, So awesome to have you here for an AMA! Been a fan of yours for a long time and really appreciate your work. A few questions... 1. How do you suggest products help their customers build habits without addicting them to something that may harm them? Basically, how would you recommend that teams avoid/plan for the negative unintended consequences of building habits that might be destructive to their well-being? 2. Are there any times that you advise *not* building habits? 3. What are some of your favorite examples of companies building habits that improve the well-being of their customers? I could go on, but I'll leave some questions for the rest of the community. ;) Thanks so much for doing this. Cheers, Dani