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Narek Vardanyan

Hey there,

Great to have you on board! I am Narek Vardanyan, founder of this blog.

When I first heard of crowdfunding, I thought “Oh! This is great!”.

I will make my dreams a reality and share my great idea with people from all over the world, they’re bound to fund me!

So, how much did I raise that time, I hear you ask? $15. Yep, all of $15!! :)

In fact, it was a friend of mine who donated, and he later asked me to stop spamming him!. What a beginner I was!.

And in the meantime, I was scrutinizing Kickstarter and Indiegogo, watching others raising six or seven figures.. These campaigns all showed me  that my dream of crowdfunding success was possible – I simply needed to figure out how!

At that point in my life, I was managing a professional research company (pretty handy, yes?), so I knew how to research carefully and discover the secrets behind these six-figure success stories.

I ended up interviewing 206 successful crowdfunders and discovered that, whatever the campaign, they all took the same route to greatness.  One sequence of actions all but guaranteed success.

I tested out my theory and … boom! I managed to raise $22,600. Not enough to hit any kind of list in Forbes, but a huge success for me.

Afterwards, I participated in more than 50 successful campaigns, a couple of which crossed $1 Million. In my recent campaign – Volterman Smart Wallet I decided to test all my tactics and strategies… and raised $1.8 Million.

And that was how The Crowdfunding Formula was born! I launched this publication to tell you amazing stories about people just like you. People who believed in themselves, people who were brave enough to tell the world about their dream… and won the support of ‘the world’ in the process.

Through this site (and my bestselling book), I’m inviting you to discover the secrets that will help you win the trust of The Crowd. Success has a formula, I’m inviting you to discover it.

I am weekly interviewing 4-5 successful crowdfunders, who raised 6-7 figures to get their best tips, secrets and strategies and show you the best practices, mistakes and lessons learned during their crowdfunding journeys.

I love hearing any comments, suggestions or questions you guys have. Please feel free to drop me a line at narek@thecrowdfundingformula.com, even if it’s just to say hi!

Enjoy learning!

Author, Consultant
and most importantly
husband and father to my awesome daughter.




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